Jade Regent

Doors, Always More Doors

Session 9

Moving further into Brinewall keep leads the party to a haunted stairwell filled with bloody phantasms. Gorm remains steadfast and is able to quiet the haunting before he is attacked by a wight. Basch comes to his aid and the two are quickly able to destroy it before they realize it is the body of Andril Kortun, the former commander of Brinewall. Swearing to return for the body and properly lay it to rest, the group moves on. 

Down the stairs leads to a locked vault. The mechanism appears to involve keys of a sun and moon. 

Up the stairs on the keeps second level the group encounters another haunting which they decide simply to avoid. They force their way into the remains of a formal dining hall. While Yarin rests his old joints by taking a seat, Ian finds 3 dire corbies barricaded in an alcove begins the overturned table. Basch and Gorm fumble their way over the table after Ian drops a glue bomb on them. They decide to show mercy to the sole surviving corby who runs off. Sounds and smells of a large group of hunting troglodytes signals the party to flee the keep. 

Back at the caravan camp Ian begins to work on repairing Basch’s arm when he makes a disturbing discovery. After consulting with Koya, it is revealed that rot has begun to set in to his stump. Koya and Gorm are able to surgically debride the wound. Basch elects not to replace the limb currently as Ian does not think he has the ability to do so without using the scaffolding of the necrotic forearm. 

At fireside that evening a familiar face returns: Lexia Harken, the inquisitor from Galduria. Using magic she has tracked a thief she suspects is Vaylenchek to the caravan outside Brinewall. The group realizes they have not seen Vaylenchek since arriving at Brinewall, but Lexia senses he remains nearby. Ian gets confrontational and Lexia backs down with a threat that she will find Vaylenchek and complete her charge. Only Gorm seems disturbed by Vaylenchek’s suspicious disappearance, though Sandru also has a vested interest in finding him as Vaylenchek skipped out on half his fee. 

The following day the party returns to Brinewall keep and are ambushed in the courtyard by troglodytes and their commander who yells “For Lord Kikonu”. Ian’s glue bombs make them easy pickings for Yarin’s burning hands. 

Inside an old kennel the group comes face to face with a dog legged ogrekin who calls out to her brothers when attacked. This to proved no challenge for the group who continued the search for Kikonu and the vault keys. 



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